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 A note about minor NPCs

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PostSubject: A note about minor NPCs   Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:15 pm

These rules should be common sense but are here for clarification after a talk with the site owner. Since some characters in our room have children or will have in a future time, it seemed prudent to clarify. I am sure we all want this room to thrive and not have any mishaps that could result in breach of rules of conduct.

1) There will be no RP of a sexual nature with a minor NPC
2) There will be no violent acts committed against a minor NPC
3) There will be no RP involving child slavery or underage pommes
4) No one may play an underage character, or use a model that is under the age of 18

Children are not invisible, interaction is inevitable when RPing a family situation, but please use common sense, and when in doubt if something is allowed, ask an admin.

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A note about minor NPCs
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