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 Shannon MacDougal

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OOC Name: slander
Model: Shannon Elizabeth
Ghost Tag: -••The Better Sister••-

- Basics -

Name: Shannon MacDougal
Alias: none
Age: 18
Marital Status: single
Religion: Catholic
Nationality: Scottish
Known Relatives: Father Michael (cousin), Mac (sister)
Group Affiliations: (companies, people, packs they may be affiliated with.)

- Physical Description -

Eyes: blue
Hair: brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Dominant Hand: left
Distinguishing Features: (scars, tattoo's, birthmarks etc)

- Skills -

Languages: Gaelic, english
Weapons Training: some staff and hand to hand
Properties: none
Vulnerabilities: temper

- Lycans -

Species: Wolf
Level: Omega


Animal appetites
Increased Senses
Intimidation I
Enhanced Abilities
Increased Healing I


Dahalia and Shannon were born in a small suburb outside of Edinburgh. Her mother had the reputation of being a lady of ...who provided for lonely gents. it is rumored that her father is either a barrister or the mayor. Shannon never really cared to know, all she does know is that her father is a man of some import because she has never wanted for anything and has had a over 2,000 pounds placed into her bank account since birth, and that makes him an all right man in her book. And while Dahalia believed she was the youngest of four children and the only girl, but it is no secret now that there was another, Shannon, that was born but a year after and was taken in as Father Michael’s ward, as he had no wife, and was doomed a life without children. Despite her mother being hale and whole, Dahalia and her three brothers were raised by their grandma while Shannon was raised there in her time with Father Michael, spoiled out of her girlish little head as his only ‘daughter’.

She has lived a relatively normal life thus far, living and learning beneath him and occasionally rebelling as most young girls do. She is a mostly proper woman, but has a bit of a temper and a slight bit of arrogance within her demeanor. Just recently, the man who had once attacked Mac, the reason she left Europe, had been seen around the area again. Shannon was next to oblivious about him, knowing what had occurred to her sister through the family grapevine, but nothing more really. Apparently the family resemblance runs deep, and he attacked her. He was foolish about it, doing it in broad daylight and in a nearly public place, and her screams soon attracted attention. But the damage had already been done. She had been infected, and now, she is heading over to the Americas to join her sister in hopes of being taken care of and coddled, told everything will be all right, and that she’d never have to worry about much still. She has quite a shock coming in Mac.

Shannon has survived her first six to eight months of being a wolf based on living on her own for a few months, spending too much time in wolf form which has distorted her features some, as well as finally coming back to her pack to begin the tip of the iceburg in training. It had been but a month before things took a wrong turn in her old pack and has had her and her sister and their small family unit moving away to start anew again back in Europe.

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Shannon MacDougal
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