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 Connor Tuathal (WIP)

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PostSubject: Connor Tuathal (WIP)   Connor Tuathal (WIP) EmptyThu Oct 14, 2010 11:08 pm

OOC Name: Arrow
Model: Robert Downey Jr.
Ghost Tag: Gambler’s Ruin

- Basics -

Name: Connor Tuathal (Too-hahl)
Age: 28
Marital Status: Single
Religion: None
Nationality: Irish
Known Relatives: None Living
Group Affiliations: Hounds of Liberty (past)

- Physical Description -

Eyes: Grey
Ethnicity: Irish
Dominant Hand: Right
Distinguishing Features: tattoo of a dog’s skull holding an irish flag on right forearm

- Skills -

Languages: English
Talents/Abilities: Gambling, Getaway/Evasive Driving, Pickpocketing, Parkour,
Weapons Training: Pistol, Assault Rifle training, Demolitions/IED creation

- Shifter -

Species: Irish Wolfhound
Level: Strong
Skills (See Lycanthrope Powers for explanations)

Connor’s story actually begins with his mother, Deirdre Tuathal. Growing up in an Ireland not independent, she was, in her youth, affiliated with one of the numerous ‘freedom’ groups in the country. After years of fighting for freedom against foreign occupants, targeting foreign born civilians as well as military presence, she became disillusioned with the succession of corrupt leaders and broken promises and got out but not for too long.

After a couple years of staying out of the fight, she met Alister Bercan a fighter in one of the many splinter groups, and the two promptly fell in together, he convincing her to rejoin the cause, if only in a support role. Alister however, continued an active involvement. He was soon approached by a splinter group called ‘Hounds of Liberty’ who were interested in forming supernatural soldiers to raise and train. He accepted the offer, which entailed becoming cursed with a beastial form, which he would pass on to his children, who would then belong to the HoL.

A year later, when Connor was born, and representatives from HoL came to claim what Alister had promised, Deirdre was understandably upset, having never been informed of his involvement. She was finally convinced that it was somehow for the best, though she still had reservations.

Years went by, Connor still lived with his parents, they still raised him. He just went to HoL training instead of playing in the playgrounds with other kids. He had killed one of the other children by the time he was ten and injured others. Not intentionally; this was simply how the training went on.

In his early teens he and other HoL recruits were sent on strikes against British targets within Ireland. Their collective kills over the three years Connor remained with the HoL were in the hundreds. When he was fifteen his mother had had enough. While Alister was away one day, she took Connor and fled, finding passage to America, where they lived a couple years in relative peace.

When he was coming home from school one afternoon, he saw smoke rising from the apartment complex he and his mother lived in, and his heart sank. There had been a bombing. He couldn’t get into the place, with the security cordon, but he knew. He knew they had been found, and his mother had paid the ultimate price. He didn’t even bother trying to get his stuff. He slipped into the alleys and stayed off the grid. Then Alister found him, some weeks later. They fought for what seemed like forever but Connor eventually forced down his father, and ultimately killed him.

He wandered the US for awhile, never really putting down any roots or attachments. He thought staying off the grid would leave his trail clear. But then he thought that before as well. He started feeling like he was being watched. And the few friends he had disappeared. It was time to go. In a ‘throw a dart at a map and see what it hits’ moment, he boarded a plane and now finds himself in Oslo, Norway.

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PostSubject: Re: Connor Tuathal (WIP)   Connor Tuathal (WIP) EmptyThu Oct 14, 2010 11:12 pm

approved once the powers are finalized -stamps and slobbers-
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Connor Tuathal (WIP)
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