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Quick Data:

Ooc Name: slander
Model: Jessica Alba
Ghost Tag: .: Golden Sun and Tears :.

Character Data:

Name: Sága Eliassen
Age: 27
Profession: Resort Owner
Family/Affiliations: Frosne Månen Lukoi and Wolf Springs Resort and Spa
Height: 5’6
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Distinguishing Features:

Power Data:

Type/Breed: Arctic Wolf
Level: Leader Alpha

Virgin Moon:

First Shift Sickness


Animal appetites
Increased Senses
Intimidation I
Enhanced Abilities
Increased Healing I


Shielding I
Bestial Control I
Lessened Coma
Rolling Resistance
Energy Strike
Strength of Purpose
Intimidation II.
Increased Healing II


No Coma
Bestial Control II
Shielding II
Strength of Purpose II
Rolling Resistance II
Energy Strike II
Intimidation III
Increased Healing IV
Fast Change
Shield Others
Night Vision -
Memory Flash -
Staredown -
Frightful Howl -
Feral Speech -

Leader Alpha:

Spirit Tongue


Sága was born and raised right here in Norway, in Oslo as a matter of fact. She was loved well, by both her parents, as well as her four siblings. She was the youngest, and as such, was the beloved baby of the family. There was always something available for her if she wanted it, as her family was well off.

It was on a boarding school type summer camp when things began to turn for Sága, turning from the pampered socialite, though she was always a kind and caring personality. She was thirteen and was experiencing all the joys of puberty and such, and going through the awkward stage that she was avoiding most of her peers at the camp. It was why she was at the lake that night, alone, just seated on the dock and staring over the midnight black water. She hardly heard a disturbance and suddenly the wolf was upon her. Snarling and tearing, it was a feral male that had no pack and no intention of letting the prey live, fully intent on eating her. She was lucky that her screams woke counselors who found her there, half mutilated and bleeding out on the dock.

Sága spent close to three weeks ina hospital in various wards and intensive care, down to outpatient care. Her recovery was slow, and traumatic, leaving her nervous and easily startled for years. Living in Europe, it was difficult being a lycan, and honestly she had little to no knowledge of just what could be accomplished or the support she could find in pack. Until she was sixteen, she was treated nearly like a ticking time bomb, even though her family still loved her dearly, and cared for her, keeping her "condition" secret and well under wraps.

When she was sixteen, she ran into quite by accident, another wolf, one that was apart of a well established pack there in Oslo. He was surprised to see her, astonished when he found out that she had been living for three years without a pack to help and protect her. He insisted that she come with him to meet his Ulfric, to discover what she was missing, and from then on, she left to live with them, though still kept in contact with her family, still made frequent visits.

Through the pack, she began to grow in strength and knowledge, for she was a quick study, and motivated to not be a victim any longer. She had lived for three years confined and feeling as if she was afraid she might burst at any second, and it was only through her family's expansive very private estate that she had lasted that way for so long.

She wasn't a party goer, and she was a dedicated study, and it was in that way she rose through the ranks, as well as that ruthlessness she could have in dominance fights. She rose classically, and though it may have taken longer this way, with the absence of overly tramautic events, it was the way of Saga.

The one thing she took pleasure in that was concerts. She attended them as much as she could, and it was her aim to be able to attend them without an escort. She was in love with the band that Thor was the lead singer within. It was harder music than perahps would be expected of Saga to love, but she just fell in love witht he soulful lyrics he spun. She admired him from afar with a near fangirl fascination, but she knew she was a wolf. He was human. She would never intentionally infect anyone, and well, she didn't beleive she could ever keep a secret that large from anyone she cared about.

That was until Thor was infected. He came to the pack with a slightly embarassing story, and he was new and scared, though he hardly showed it, Saga could sense it. She was almost hardly able to approach him, but when she was finally able to, she found that he was just as intense and deep as his song lyrics portrayed. Her fangirl attitude soon faded to be replaced by real affection and love. She helped him, to become more control of what there was inside him. She accepted him for everything he was, and loved to listen to him sing his new songs, to help with that process was just magical to Saga.

Eventually, as Thor grew, it was plain to Saga that he was meant to lead. Meant to be one of the strongest, to help others grow as well. It was when she began to work on herself even harder when he was around. She wantd to be that leader with him, to support him, to be at his side while he saw over the pack. For she knew in her heart, that he was destined for it.
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ready for approval
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*snoopy sticker*
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Saga - Lupa  Paw
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Saga - Lupa
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