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 Johanna - Alpha Tiger

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PostSubject: Johanna - Alpha Tiger    Johanna - Alpha Tiger  EmptyFri Oct 15, 2010 2:22 pm

Quick Data:

Ooc Name: slander
Model: Hilary Duff
Ghost Tag: .: One More Mile to Jericho :.

Character Data:

Name: Johanna Eurico
Age: 25
Family/Affiliations: Old Ambush
Height: 5’1
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Distinguishing Features:

Power Data:

Type/Breed: Tabby Siberian Tiger
Level: Alpha

Virgin Moon:

First Shift Sickness


Animal appetites
Increased Senses
Intimidation I
Enhanced Abilities
Increased Healing I


Shielding I
Bestial Control I
Lessened Coma
Rolling Resistance
Energy Strike
Strength of Purpose
Intimidation II.
Increased Healing II


No Coma
Bestial Control II
Shielding II
Energy Strike II
Intimidation III
Increased Healing IV
Fast Change
Nocturnal Energy
Culling the Weak


Johanna was born and raised in the United States with a single mother that originally hailed from Norway. She always tried to make sure that her daughter was rich in her culture and heritage even though they did not live there. Johanna was always determined to return there someday, but knew that as a single mother, her mom couldn't afford to do it on her own.

She lived a relatively easy and normal life throughout her childhood and early teens. From sixteen she began working in a diner to be able to put money away and save for her trip to Norway someday, to see the land and to soak in her heritage. She grew up rather quickly, as she began to work so early and learn the ways of the world, it led to a shortened childhood wonder.

She was walking home one day from work, when she was almost eighteen, walking through some of the shadier neighborhoods, and she was attacked by something she never got a good look at through the haze of terror and horror. She fought through it, fighting off the heavy beast, so much furr, that's all she coudl think. Claws ripped through her flesh, cleaving straight to bone, and jaws clamped over the back of her head, piercing her head and nearly into her skull. Somehow, with the aid of a jagged pipe she grasped blindly, bashing and swinging as hard as she could, that finally chased the beast away. She was nearly too weak to walk, blood clotting and matting her hair and flesh, as she dragged herself for the street. She was picked up by a good samaritan and driven straight to the hospital,

She spent nearly two weeks in the hospital, numerous stitches and stutchers, she was slowly knit back together. Unfortunately it ate up a lot of her trip to Norway money. through medical bills. Her life was changed, as she began to realize that something was wrong with her. Something was different. She couldn't tell her mother, what she thought it was, that she was infected with whatevefr this beast was that had attacked her. No, she couldn't burden her mother with that. So, deciding it was for the best, she left, making up a story about university, saying goodbye to her mother and knowing it would be the last time, before she left to find somewhere that she would be accepted.

She ended up in Utah. She found an ambush there, when she was beginning to link that there were tiger sightings wherever she stayed for more than a month, and she knew that that was what was inside her. She luckily found the ambush in Utah, and began to join and learn the way that she was going to have to live for the rest of her life. She adapted to the life of the prideful and levelheaded tiger easily, moving with it rather than against it, willing to control and live by the beastly ways at the same time. She was trained by the chang herself, taken on as a ward of sorts, though Johanna had no ideals to hold to become a little queen. Through dominance fights and intensive training, she climbed her way through the ranks. The whole time she saved money as well, to bring her closer to her dream travel to Norway.

Once she had her money saved, she was 23 or so, she decided to leave her ambush and move to Norway. To not just travel there, but to actually try and make a life there. She arrived and found the ambush there, though it was much more difficult because it was Europe and things were not as open. She joined the ambush, and established herself in a comfortable place within it. But not long after, about two years or so, there has been an upheavel of authority, as the chang she knew has been killed and replaced, and Johanna is just now coming back to the ambush to know of the new Chang and leadership.

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Johanna - Alpha Tiger  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Johanna - Alpha Tiger    Johanna - Alpha Tiger  EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 9:16 am

Tiger ambush in UT! I love it...*paw print*
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PostSubject: Re: Johanna - Alpha Tiger    Johanna - Alpha Tiger  EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 12:51 pm

yep yep *snoopy sticker*
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Johanna - Alpha Tiger  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Johanna - Alpha Tiger    Johanna - Alpha Tiger  Empty

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Johanna - Alpha Tiger
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