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 Rune - Strong Master Dragon

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Players Name: ruby
Celeb Used: Allan Hyde

Character Name: Rune
Birth Date: 1374
Age at Death: 18 turned in 1392
Height: 5'5
Weight: 135lbs
Hair Color: dark
Eye Color: dark
Property: Owns property in Mexico and through South America - Tayanna
Education: Rune attended Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México in 2000 where he studied language and business. Previous to this, he had been through several wars, a Flower War, The Spanish Conquests, The Mexican/American War, The Mexican Revolution, Cristero War and WWII against Japan and Germany
Occupation: Throughout his long life, he's held mostly military positions. He owns a Casino in Toluca as a silent partner and a string of Hotels.
Spoken Languages: Mayan, Aztec, Spanish, English a little Nowegian
Special Skills: calls jaguars, is an excellent strategist
Weaknesses: all vampire weaknesses, Tayanna.

Profession: Hotelier
Group Association/Servants: Tayanna Malinal (jaguar)

Vampire Specific:

Line: Dragon
Level: Strong Master
Age: 636
Master: Quezalcoatl

Strong Master: Pick 6 Adept Generic Abilities, 4 Master Generic Abilities PLUS 4 Line Abilities

Mind Roll
Detect Lies
Deep Trance

Animal to Call (jaguar)
Servant Markings
Alter Minds
Mind Feeding

Induce Rage
Feed from Rage
Rage from a Distance


Rune Itzcoatl was born in Teotihuacan during a time of war and violence. The Mayan empire was slowly beginning to be crushed by the Aztec armies who marched out of their homes and slayed or enslaved every member of Mayan villages, conquering and taking their land whenever they could. His father died in battle, right as his mother went into labour with him. Aided by neighbouring women and her two oldest daughters, Rune entered the world at the very moment his father left it. The child was silent, with eyes that were too old for any newborn child to possess. The women were unnerved and having helped Rune's mother, they left her to tend her child alone.

Rune was the youngest of seven siblings. He had four brothers and three sisters, and as he grew, the darkness in him expanded. By the time he was fifteen, even his older brothers were afraid of him. He worked hard and trained as a warrior, eager to avenge the father he had never met. At sixteen, he drew the attention of the god Quetzalcoatl who saw in Rune, himself. He caught the boy in the jungles, slitting the throat of a young Aztec boy, and spilling blood on the earth in sacrifice to the dark world of the Gods. Quezalcoatl's presence did not upset the boy at all, and he stood, turning to face him. His eyes fierce and proud, though he did lower in obeisance to the God he had called. His heart beat fast as he realised his sacrifice had drawn the attention of a true, living God.

Rune's mother had a dream that night while her son was out doing whatever terrible things he did, about her son and the night God who stood at his side, with one hand resting upon his shoulder. The dream woke her and her blood ran cold. It all made sense, the strange way in which her son acted, and the cold look in his eyes. He was, a God in living form, and her vision had told her, to whom he belonged. When he returned home, silent and sullen as always, she knew what she was going to have to do. The next night she called her son to her side and together they left for the Pyramids which housed the Gods.

Quezalcoatl met them at the entrance to the halls of the dead, and Rune's mother dropped to the ground her fingers splayed in front her, prostrate before the great and dark one. Her voice did not quiver when she offered her son to the God in her dreams. Rune stood still, quiet, listening to his mother's offering. His eyes boldly upon the cold and terrifying God before him. Fear sank into his heart and turned into anger, without Quezalcoatl's interference. The vampire smiled, pleased by his ability to work with and through the power which swept out from Quezalcoatl's aura, and took Rune into the halls of the dead.

Two years later, after heavy tutelage, Quezalcoatl drained the boys life and turned him into an immortal. When Rune was reborn, his insatiable lust for violence and war increased one hundred fold, slaughtering innocents and draining their blood with an insatiable thirst that took him ten years to master. His strength and power grew at alarming rates. He watched his family grow old and die while he stayed young and stronger than he could ever have imagined. His lust for fear and rage set him apart from every other vampire, and eventually Quezalcoatl named him his son - Tezcatlipoca: The god of night, temptation, deceit, discord, beauty, sorcery, and war. And Rune the god moved out into the world, relishing the power he'd been given.

Rune was drawn to the violent and powerful nature of the jaguar, and out one night, a massive black female crossed his path. Curious at its size and its obvious fear of him, he pressed his power into its form, twisting her heart, and wrenching her out of her body. The girl that lay at his feet, was pale and strange. He had never seen a creature like her, and probably never would again. The curiosity of her pale form and the heat of her beast interested him, and he snapped his hand around her wrist, drawing her to her feet. The pigmentation in those terrible eyes which regarded his new prize had slowly been withdrawn, leaving them grey and dead in that pale white flesh. Her fear was intoxicating, and Rune gave her the ultimate gift. He made her, his. Property of the great and violent god Tezcatlipoca.

Fifty years had passed by the time he found that he could call the animals he felt such a strong affinity to and Rune had grown into himself beautifully. His name brought fear to all those who knew it. All those except the warriors, to whom he was an exceptional gift. The rage he poured into them making them fight that much stronger, making the Mayans extremely easy targets to eliminate. Every night, Teotihuacan soliders would return with sacrifices, and Rune would tear them limb from limb, covering himself in their blood, bathing in it - his war paint, that Tayanna was expected to clean off him later.

The creature at his side was slowly easing its way into his heart, the pull of the moon, of Quezalcoatl and its mother Coatlicue held a chain to Tayanna, that he could not break and as punishment, Rune pushed her harder, forcing her into her beast form, changing the way she thought, felt and acted; while he stood at the top of the Pyramids in the moonlight, accepting the sacrifices of those below.

Centuries passed, and with it, the God of War had had to change. The Spanish took over his beloved Teotihuacan, killing Mayan and Aztec alike and forcing the creatures who had reigned as gods to flee into the jungles along with their beasts, their people and their powers. Rune grew strong with Tayanna at his side while the world around them slowly changed. A creature who has reigned as a god is difficult to change, Rune still believed, and does to this day, that his kind are the dark scourge, the living gods, the immortals written about in every civilisation. But as humanity grew and conquered, his kind grew less and less. Quezalcoatl had been killed when the Spanish invaded and Rune and Tayanna left the Kiss behind travelling the Northern and Southern Americas for centuries.

As the years passed, Rune took part as a Mexican solider in many of the wars that raged through both his home country and the world, disappeared at the end of each, a war hero and legend, re-creating over and over new persona's, relegated from god, to man over a period of 500 years. The two of them learned the ways of business through education, and in the last century, they left behind the last remanents of their culture and moved into the 21st century with an uneasy sense of who they once had been. No longer revered, Rune turned to business, buying hotels and casinos in Mexico which he left under the charge of others, a silent partner none ever met face to face.

The expansion and growth of South America poisoned Rune's soul. Growing bored with life as a solitary vampire with his beast firmly entrenched at his side, Rune left American soil and travelled with Tayanna from country, to country until they reached the shores of Norway. It's icy landscape intrigued him, and it's smaller community reminded him of the lands he had once ruled. Seeking refuge, he and his beast explored the land, and plan settle, finally, after centuries of living an almost nomadic existence.

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le finished!
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*snoopy sticker*
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Rune - Strong Master Dragon
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