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 You should know before you play....

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You should know before you play.... Empty
PostSubject: You should know before you play....   You should know before you play.... EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 11:48 pm

Norway is by no means a safe zone. Especially for those of the fanged pursuasion.

Characters should remember that they are not in the States or UK..or Aussie...and as such there are Hunters and inter-species killing which are LEGAL.

If shit goes down here, it is perfectly legal to kill the offending party, especially if you are not human. It would probably even be looked at with pride in some circles.

Also, cops in Norway arent even armed, America is one of the only countries that has armed guards and weapon laws/allowances.

So keep that in mind when you're out raising havoc or are in need of protection. The protection for your crimes might not be there as you wish it.

Consider this your warning...
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You should know before you play....
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