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 Mary Dagmar - SM Snow Leopard

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PostSubject: Mary Dagmar - SM Snow Leopard   Mary Dagmar - SM Snow Leopard EmptySat Oct 23, 2010 4:11 pm

Quick Data:
Ooc Name: Xams
Model: Christina Ricci
Ghost Tag: Arctic Midnight

Character Data:
Name: Mary Dagmar
Age: 20
Profession: Student at Barratt Due Institute of Music, works in a music store
Family/Affiliations: Parents, small veeery small clan of bears and snow leopards in a small village in Iceland.
Height: 5’1”
Hair Color: Natural color is black but may change
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Distinguishing Features: Nothing of note

Power Data:
Type/Breed: Snow Leopard
Level: Strong Moderate
Powers: All Virgin Moon, Weak, Moderate powers
++Breed specifics are for Alphas only? It doesn’t say. Would love Vertical Agility. *LOL*++

Mary Dagmar was born in the small village of Vogar, Iceland to a very long line of fisherman and farmers. Her father was a huge mountain of a man, but she inherited her mother’s dainty size. She has her father’s ice blue eyes though. Life was very simple here but her parents knew she was destined for bigger things and they encouraged it. At the age of three, she showed interest and promise with music and was a child protégé by the age of five able to grasp musical instruments very quickly. Her parents were not rich by most standards, her father a fisherman of course like his father before him and her mother was a curator at one of the small museums in the village. She was able to attain music lessons a friend of the family in town who played in the symphony in Reykjavík. The woman saw in her much potential even at her tender age and spoke to her parents about Mary’s gift. The girl could play full concertos on the cello and piano by the age of five and people all around the village would come to see the little girl play.

Soon, music was her life and news of her talent spread around Iceland. She remained grounded though, her parents never pushed her and made sure she went to school and had friends to play with, they did not want her separated from others and to become lonely. The girl needed a social life and had to learn to be with others, she was a quiet girl but had her adventurous side listening to rock and roll music and stuff waaaay outside the classical genre she was doing. So she is well rounded, she has this massive talent, but she remained friendly and enjoyed what she was doing. This was fun, not a job, although her teacher was a stern educator. Now a certain music school in Norway got wind of her talent and offered a scholarship to their facility. Of course the Dagmars would never be able to afford to send her there and they would never ask that family friend for money so this was the perfect chance and they agreed to send her there. So now she is a student at Barratt Due Institute of Music and will have her own apartment and she also has a job coming at a local music store. All good huh?

Music was not the only thing in Mary’s life. Before all her dreams came true, she had to face one other thing. Her father often took Mary into the wilderness areas of the town, most beautiful hiking trails and streams you ever did see. They often went fishing together. This time, things were going to be different. It was dusk and they were preparing to leave for home with their catch when Mary noticed their small family dog was missing. The dog was adventurous and only took off for short periods and would come back. This time he didn’t. So Mary left her father for a moment and started into the woods making sure she doesn’t go beyond earshot of her father. She called out the dog’s name over and over and he always came when called but he wasn’t even barking a response to tell her he was coming. Mary rounded a corner and came upon a grisly scene, her beloved dog being eaten by a snow leopard. First thing that popped into her head was that there are no wild snow leopards here. On land, the largest predators here are foxes and the occasional polar bear although they only visit. Mary screamed without meaning to and the leopard turned and attacked her which also was unusual. Her father heard her and came running with his shotgun shooting the animal and managed to hit it in the shoulder. He went to shoot again but this was enough to scare it off and it fled into the woods presumably to die. Mary was clawed and bitten bad and was already feeling sick. No one would believe a snow leopard did this. All her father could do was get her home and to a hospital to recuperate. Mary could only think of her dog. Soon she was all better and started with her life again going to school and practicing her music.

Mary was changing though, something was wrong and the family had a suspicious feeling what happened. But what could they do? Lycans are not exactly welcome in most areas and they did not want her in danger. Her first full moon was a nightmare, they had to lock her up before she hurt anybody or was exposed. Everything was falling apart but there was hope. The neighbouring village had an answer, there was a small clan of bears there with a couple of snow leopards..lycans are not abundant here, doubt there are vampires around either except maybe in Reykjavík. They befriended her and helped her to hone her powers and understand her beast. The leopard who attacked her dog was a rogue and we won’t be seeing him anymore. So as she studied her music lessons hard, she also studied her beast and the supernatural. Soon she could do concerts again and things were looking better. Reaching strong moderate status took hard work and when she got that scholarship, the lycans were happy for her and helped her to prepared for the move. So she is coming to Oslo and maintains her friendships with the small clan in Iceland.
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*snoopy sticker*
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Mary Dagmar - SM Snow Leopard Paw
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Mary Dagmar - SM Snow Leopard
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