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 Drago Jordain Master Bella Morte

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PostSubject: Drago Jordain Master Bella Morte   Drago Jordain Master Bella Morte EmptyThu Nov 04, 2010 8:38 pm

Players Name: 13
Celeb Used: Steve Bacic

Character Name: Drago Jordian
Birth Date: some time in the year 1268 AD
Age at Death: 26
Height: Six Foot Three
Weight: 215lbs
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: blue
Property: home in Rome Jersulam Dehli Tokyo and Washington DC
Education: self educated
Occupation: Vampire, business man
Spoken Languages: Latin, Arbic, Itlian, Sweedish, Spanish French, japanse, chinese and English
Special Skills: He's a Sailor or was a soilder in his previous life
Weaknesses: everything that vamps are but personally his pride is his biggest weakness

Profession: Business man
Group Association/Servants:

Vampire Specific:

Line: Bella Morte
Level: Master
Age: 742


- Enhanced Abilities: Strength, endurance, and resistance are enhanced and even the newly dead are capable of lifting great amounts of weight such as cars. They are also harder to kill then humans as not just anything will kill them.

- Enhanced Speed: All vampires are extremely quick, making them 10 times faster than a human. The amount of speed depends on the vampire as some merely appear to be blinding fast and are compensating with mind tricks while others are actually fast.

- Enhanced Senses: A vampire can’t taste food or consume it, but in compensation, their other senses of hearing and smell are heightened tenfold of their nocturnal nature allows.

- Glamour: This is an illusion more then an ability to make the vampire appear more attractive to humans or in some cases less attractive. (BB, )

-Mind Roll: This is the ability to induce a hypnotic state through which vampires can conceal movements, proffer minor illusions, give commands, or reduce the pain of a bite, however this is only through made eye contact.

- Levitation: The ability to levitate oneself from the ground as if in flight. The distance able to be flown and the precision depend on the age and experience of the vampire.

Master Powers:

- Animal to Call: The ability to call another creature to oneself and, to some degree, command it, depending on the level of the other creature's power/prowess. Not all animals have lycanthropic counterparts. This can range from butterflies, to ghosts, to wolves.

- Servant Markings: The ability to mark a human servant or a beast servant. For further details, please see the thread on servant markings and how to do them. However, not every master vampire can mark a servant has the ability to call an animal.

- Alter Minds: This is the ability to make a person forget certain things or to remember them entirely differently then how they happened.


Dargo Jordain was born over 700 years ago to parents whose name along with what the villiage was called along the jordan river to time. What little that is known about him was that he entered into the army of one of the islamic nations around his 15th birthday. From there he became a hero of the navy to that kingdom. Fighting many battles and winning them all but one.

He was Hailed as the Dragon the Jordan, a friece warrior who lead the muslim's navy on more then one sacking and descurtion of Christan Ports along the Meditraian. Little known history is written how he pushed his own fleet 30 ships only miles from the waters of Vience before being turned back. During the heavist parts of the fighting he was seen jumping from christan ship to ship fighting with his men before finally have a sword driven though his right leg and being captured. The loss of his leadership forced the remaining ships of his fleet to decide to retreat his own legend of being invinceable lead to the over all failure of his attempts to take the city of sin in the name of Alha.

He was dragged back to the City in irons and paraded though the water ways by the Christan Admiral as if he himself had brought down to the Dragon of Jordan when in fact the Admiral had holed himself away on a ship far away from the battle. He was littery used as a trophy of war, tied and chained to the walls of the Admiral home and shown off at dinners and parties as a heathen goddles barbrian. Though he felt these were the worst of his days alive, it would also turn out be the start of a whole new life of power for him. One woman took great notice in him one woman who could give him what he saught most of all revenge. Bella Morte would soon come to claim him for her own reasons. Late in one evening her agents freed him and brought him to her, there she seduced him beded him and made him know the love of a vampire such of herself. In the pleasure she asked him "I can give you this and so much more all I need to hear is a yes" he would moan out the word "vengance" and she said "yes even that" he showed his swearing by releaseing with her and that night Bella would turn him herself.

To hide him she kept him within her home in Rome, for two decades she trained him in the art of pelasure and seducation that comes with her line. to her suprise and great joy he began to show some control over the shadows though it was fleeting she knew that with great teaching he could learn how to control it. During this time he was told his old name just would not suit him so he came up with a new one based on his own legend: Drago Jordain.

A year later he would return to Vience for one reason veangence on the Christan Admiral. He had developed a plan to simply do one thing ruin his life as he did for him. Over the course of 2 years he would seduce the whole of the town and then slowly turn it agaisnt him. Using his vast ablities now of seducation he made the Admirals youngest daughter swear that before all a church that he had made a deal with the devil to help him win that battle 2 decades ago. The night before he was to be burned at the stake Drago paid him a visit in his jail cell and before him drank the blood of his youngest daughter infront of him, not before fucking her to complete bliss and makeing her swear what ever he asked. He just did not drink of her blood he drank her dry till just one drop remained engouh to make her linger long engouh to tell her own father she was happy he was going to die.

From a safe place that next morning before dawn he watched the man that destoryed his old life burn to death after destorying his own. From that moment on he was free of his past and had a great future to look onto. He would spend the next centery or two just staying at Bella's side very rarely was she seen with out her dragon.
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Drago Jordain Master Bella Morte
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