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 Q - Rainbow Boa

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Q - Rainbow Boa Empty
PostSubject: Q - Rainbow Boa   Q - Rainbow Boa EmptyMon Nov 08, 2010 2:39 pm

Quick Data:

Ooc Name: slander
Model: Rachel Dashae
Ghost Tag: .: Shedding You :.

Character Data:

Name: Quandry "Q" Insaline
Age: 18
Profession: High School Senior
Family/Affiliations: Mother, Father
Height: 4'10
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: lavender
Distinguishing Features: guaged ears, eyes

Power Data:

Type/Breed: Rainbow Boa
Level: Moderate

[Virgin Moon]

Metabolism -
First Shift Sickness -


Animal Appetite -
Shifting -
Sensing -
Increased Senses -
Intimidation I -
Enhanced Abilities -
Increased Healing I -
Infectious -
Shift Coma -


Shielding I -
Bestial Control I -
Lessened Coma -
Sense Deception -

Energy Strike -
Strength Of Purpose -
Increased Healing II -


Quandry is a typical teenager. She lives with her parents, and until she was 16, she went out, she hung out with her friends, and studied margionally, enough to get her the good grades her parents and she expected, but that all changed one night after the football game.

She was at the homecoming game, and they were ahead, everything was going breezy, and she was planning on leaving early to head for a party that was going on at one of the quarter back's girlfriend's house. She wasn't particularly good friends with the girl, but most of her friends were going. So with that thought, she slipped out of the crowded bleachers and headed for the party.

While there, she met a lot of faces she didn't really know. but that was normal at these kind of things. They were out at a cabin in the woods, an expensive local that belonged to someone's parents. There she met Paul. Paul was a snake, though of course she didn't know that, even though she probably might have called him that because of the way he acted. Too handsy and trying to be suave. She was cornered by him, and she was really a rather petite girl, and he began to try and make out with her. She had had a couple beers, and wasn't quite so coordinated as usual, and he began to kiss her throat. And well, what she thought was him giving her a too enthusiastic hicky, was actually a bite, and it led to her infection.

She never saw Paul again, nor would she ever want to, but she was left with a terrible sickness before the full moon. She went to a hospital and that was where she learned what was going to happen. The Doctor released her, telling her it was probably better for her to leave town, but she only left to the nearest deserted place. She let her parents think she was still in the hospital, and she was forced to change by herself, and to black out until she woke the next morning, her belly distended with some kind of raw meet she was hoping was animal.

Since then, she has told her secret to no one. Absolutely no one. She hasn't gotten close to anyone since that fateful night, and has continued to maek coverups for her brief disappearances with convenient 'slumber parties' and 'class projects' and 'road trips'. It has been hard, and learning to deal with it as best as she could, though not learning classic things like shielding so much. But she learned how to keep it under control enough that she could still attend school. There were a few mishaps, that included her running for her life to her car or the bathroom, to try and get herself under control. There was a vicious rumor of a illigitamate pregnancy for a while. But all in all, she has survived, mostly because she has had no other choice.
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PostSubject: Re: Q - Rainbow Boa   Q - Rainbow Boa EmptyMon Nov 08, 2010 5:46 pm

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Q - Rainbow Boa
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