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 Drayden Tyrson (Master Moroven Vampire) {WIP}

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PostSubject: Drayden Tyrson (Master Moroven Vampire) {WIP}   Tue Oct 19, 2010 2:44 pm

Players Name: thatguy
Celeb Used: Peter Steele

Character Name: Drayden Tyrson
Birth Date: 1 May 1382
Age at Death: 28
Height: 6 foot 5 inches
Weight: 241 pounds (well, give or take 10 pounds)
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: black
Property: various estates and beach houses in Norway, Scotland, and along the ocean from Santander, Spain to North East Denmark. More money then even he knows what to do with. Multiple vehicles.
Education: Equivalent to a college education, self-taught however
Occupation: Before his death he was a warrior / skald, now not much of anything though he does manage a few little known bands
Spoken Languages: American English, Norwegian (helpful to have in Norway {LOL}) Spanish, French, some Latin
Special Skills: Calls Poltergeist (Animal to Call), plays drums, singing, sword-fighting, hand-to-hand combat
Weaknesses: typical vampire weaknesses, occasionally a pretty face
Profession: not sure if vigilante counts, if not how about singer?
Group Association/Servants: The Kiss

Vampire Specific:

Line: Moroven
Level: Master Vampie
Age: 628 (28 in human years, 600 in vampire)
Master: (Uhm…whoever is over the Kiss nowdays…) ..and that would be Silence


Master: Pick 6 Adept Generic Abilities, 3 Master Generic Abilities PLUS 3 Line Abilities

All Fledgling Powers:
- Enhanced Abilities: Strength, endurance, and resistance are enhanced and even the newly dead are capable of lifting great amounts of weight such as cars. They are also harder to kill then humans as not just anything will kill them.

- Enhanced Speed: All vampires are extremely quick, making them 10 times faster than a human. The amount of speed depends on the vampire as some merely appear to be blinding fast and are compensating with mind tricks while others are actually fast.

- Enhanced Senses: A vampire can’t taste food or consume it, but in compensation, their other senses of hearing and smell are heightened tenfold of their nocturnal nature allows.

- Advanced Healing: A vampire can natural heal just about any kind of wound, however if it's a wound made with silver, holy water, or fire it heals 'human' slow. Also they can NOT heal a beheading or stake to the heart that is instant death.

- Aura Sense: The aura of power that surrounds a vampire and marks it as preternatural. It also enables the vampire to discern the aura sense of other preternaterals and sort out what kind they are.

- The Bite: This can cause a vampire with temporary mental control over the victim if they vampire enters the victim during a bite. After a few bites, this control over the victim can be absolute, meaning 3 or more. This is a painful process and sometimes a vampires bite can be sexual. HOWEVER, if the victim holy's the bite meaning they wash it out with Holy Water more then 3 times this will not work any longer and you have to start once again.

- Empathic: Most vampires can 'smell' emotions, though they can also describe it as a sensation against their mind and face. They describe it as being able to smell a person's fear or lust. This ability isn't always literal as sometimes it involves mental powers. However, this is NOT the ability to detect if a person is lying or not and this ability does not work Human servants or Animals to Call (Beast Servants).

- Shadows: The ability to call shadows to one's own aid and wrap them like a cloak for expedient getaways, or in order to hide in plain sight even more acutely than Stillness might allow. This is a cultivation of natural shadows and is not 100% infallible at this point, but it is a good start.

- Telepathy: The ability a vampire has to give and receive communication from another via mental speech.

- Levitation: The ability to levitate oneself from the ground as if in flight. The distance able to be flown and the precision depend on the age and experience of the vampire. (GP, )

- Voice Tricks: This is the ability to cloak one’s voice to allow it to take on a physical aspect. It’s an emotional connection that is opened vocally as it can evoke a feeling, such as silk against skin or fur against the skin. This can also evoke emotions such as joy or sadness.

- Detect Lies: The ability to sense when someone is lying to them. This is an unconscious understanding of physiological signs. This also means that a person is lying if they do not believe what they are saying; it does not mean ultimate truth or falsehood.

- Animal to Call: The ability to call another creature to oneself and, to some degree, command it, depending on the level of the other creature's power/prowess. Not all animals have lycanthropic counterparts. This can range from butterflies, to ghosts, to wolves.

- Servant Markings: The ability to mark a human servant or a beast servant. For further details, please see the thread on servant markings and how to do them. However, not every master vampire can mark a servant has the ability to call an animal.

- Day walking: This is the ability to wake and walk during the hours of daylight. They can move freely however they still cannot go out into the sunlight. The dice roller is used for this one, 1 die 10 sided, and the roll is for the max hours before/after dusk/dawn that the vampire can be awake. However also You MUST roll to find out if you have this, as this is a RARE Ability and Admin/Staff Approval Only!

Fear Aura: This is automatic all Moroven vampires will receive this

Fear Feeding: This is the ability to feed off the fear of others; this is an alternative to feeding from the blood of the willing victims.

Induce Fear: This is the ability to raise the level of anxiety and fear within the area around the vampire. It would make them feel scared.

Phobia: This is the ability to touch a person and get a sense of what they fear the most. However if the person is shielding, it will only appear as a vague thing, like “something about the color red” or “something to do with heights”. If the person is NOT shielding then any number of intimate details are up for grabs.

History: Six Hundred Twenty Six years ago. Modern Day Denmark. That is where Drayden calls home. He was of a somewhat wealthy family and took up the mantle of skald (bard, poet) and warrior. It may have just been easier to be a warrior, but he happened to like the feeling he got when he preformed. And besides, it kept his attention better then reading the old ancient histories.

At every feast day he would sing or chant or otherwise recite some part of his history, the great wars of the Gothic people. It was actually this that gained him, upon his 21st mortal year, the attentions of a certain High-born Lady. And in the months and years to come Drayden and she got very very close.
It was a certain secret among the rich of this tale, and so..of course..everyone knew.

Seven years passed, and there truly wasn't much to talk about. Life continued as it always has and always does, and Drayden and the Lady in question grew even closer. But then, just like that and no warning given the lady died. Truth be told, the lady already was dead, but Drayden had no idea of this little fact.

Now it was the custom to burn the body, and yet...apperently the death shroud held someone elses form, because the Lady, although allegdedly dead visited Drayden in his bedchambers two night later. She convinced him to run away with her, lured him with sweet tales of how perfect their lives would be. But in hindsight, there was also a fear there. A fear of the truth being known, that he loved a woman that was supposed to be dead. "Oh what would they do if they caught us my love" she whispered to him.

And so, Drayden moved with this woman, and the real fun began. Not even a week later he was marked, groomed and prepared for his new life in Undeath. Now he knew exactly what she was, a demon a creature of fear and sin, but he could do nothing. You see, he was usually chained to a wall, chair, or floor somewhere. Or bound by leather straps to his bed. There was no escape as any number of nightmarish visions flooded in his head. One night he would rape and kill his mother. The next night he would skin the flesh off of a little boy and literally lick the bleeding corpse clean of blood. The night after that he would have rats gnawing at his own insides. Or hot pokers burning out his eyes. Or drowning in a sea of his own blood. All to get a reaction, as the woman fed off of his fear. It was almost a drug to her, and he gave it to her, willing or unwilling, whenever she wanted it.

Of course one of the greatest horrors was knowing that he had been turned. He had thought it a dream at first, just another nightmare that had been inflicted on him, but soon found it was one he would never wake from. It was his reality. Now he had to take blood from others, this was the only way to survive. He was eventually let out of his bonds, his chains, the straps of leather. He had another collar now, the fact that he was a creature of the night. Perhaps the most effective collar he could have. Still though the tortures continued, his Sire often leaving him in rooms partial to having windows facing the rising sun (this explains how he got the Day Walking ability) And yes, he would always crackle and burn, but luckily the torture also required a way out. And he always took it...a small box of a hidden room, where a child could barely hide and a grown man would be quite uncomfortable.

This went on for the better part of 26 years, until his Sire got a little too rushed in her tortures of him and managed to make herself turn into a wax candle...the daylight hours turning her flesh to little more then a inky glob. But, on the plus side, at least he was free now. And with his freedom, he desided to work against the horrors he had endured. He scared people, most of the time to death. But these people were the child molesters, the thieves, the rapist, and the damned. If he had to send people to hell, he would send those that should have already been there.

He also got back into singing and preforming, though he forgot the ancient songs and turned more towards whatever was popular at the time. Recently, this has been rock and roll music, and the occasional metal song. He has traveled a good portion of the world, selling and reselling his own goods as 'antiques' every 100 years or so, and with a good bit stashed in various banks, the stock markets, and filing for inheritance of long dead Danish Kings the man easily has more money then he has any idea what to do with.

He settled in Oslo, mostly because of that wonderful thing called a very dark portion of the year. But then, there was also quite a lot of vampires here as well...which seems to help. The fact that it was mostly where his family lines had been traced to didn't hurt either. He has been in the city for the last fifty years or so, waiting and watching from his darkness for any that might tempt fate. Waiting always for them to face him, and face their fears...

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PostSubject: Re: Drayden Tyrson (Master Moroven Vampire) {WIP}   Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:54 am

History needed then approval. I know I hate writiing them too.
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PostSubject: Re: Drayden Tyrson (Master Moroven Vampire) {WIP}   Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:45 pm

Well Mac, done...see? I actually wrote a backstory...LOL
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PostSubject: Re: Drayden Tyrson (Master Moroven Vampire) {WIP}   Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:01 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Drayden Tyrson (Master Moroven Vampire) {WIP}   Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:47 pm

*snoopy sticker*
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PostSubject: Re: Drayden Tyrson (Master Moroven Vampire) {WIP}   Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:41 pm

(22:37:10 ) Dice Roller : Dice Rolled by Drayden Tyrson Master Moroven Vampire using 1 dice with 100 sides : 12

(22:37:35 ) Dice Roller : Dice Rolled by Keira MatteoNull Human using 1 dice with 100 sides : 38

(22:37:46 )

Keira Matteo
Null Human

is somewhere unknown and maybe lost and
says to Drayden Tyrson Master Mo:

(ha ha!)

(22:37:49 ) Dice Roller : Dice Rolled by Drayden Tyrson Master Moroven Vampire using 1 dice with 100 sides : 93

(22:38:00 ) Dice Roller : Dice Rolled by Drayden Tyrson Master Moroven Vampire using 1 dice with 10 sides : 9

(22:38:03 )

Keira Matteo
Null Human

is somewhere unknown and maybe lost and
says to Drayden Tyrson Master Mo:

ah chit

(22:38:15 )

Drayden Tyrson
Master Moroven Vampire

is somewhere unknown and maybe lost and
says to Keira MatteoNull Human:

(this is for something else lovely)

***This being said, he has Day Walker, and can walk 9 hours before or after dusk or dawn***
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PostSubject: Re: Drayden Tyrson (Master Moroven Vampire) {WIP}   Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:18 pm

this character has since left the room due to reasons made aware to room staff
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PostSubject: Re: Drayden Tyrson (Master Moroven Vampire) {WIP}   

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Drayden Tyrson (Master Moroven Vampire) {WIP}
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