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 Raziel Hale - Telepath Master

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Raziel Hale

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PostSubject: Raziel Hale - Telepath Master   Raziel Hale - Telepath Master EmptyThu Oct 14, 2010 5:41 pm

Name: Raziel Hale
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 190
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black with blood red streaks

Model Used: Chriss Angel
Ghost Tag if any: †I'ma Fuck You Up†

Place of Birth: New Orleans
Where they once resided: New Orleans
Where they now reside: Oslo
Demeanor: Calm, although controlling in some aspects. A dark sense of humor.
Assets and Income: A underground fighting arena, and more or less of 2 mil, mainly depends on the bets.
Age Actual: 31

Ability Type if any: Telepath
Tier: Master

Skills and training : He is skilled with many different types of knives and other weapons you could readily by easily at a

pawn shop or other such buildings, (ex) staves, knives, needles, stars, swords, bladed knuckles, brass knuckles,

claws, axes. Martial arts weapons, although he has many types of martial arts training from when he was a kid, as he

had to defend himself alot of the time from thieves and such.


Telepathy: This is the ability to read thoughts and even if the telepath is strong enough the ability to place thoughts

within another’s mind.

Memory Walker: This is the ability to see into someone’s mind and walk through the memories, along with even wiping

them or even replacing them.

Clairsentience (clear sensing): This is the ability that the psychic is able to know or feel things about a place and can

sense what has happened there.

Empathy: This is the ability to sense others emotions. This ability can manifest in a sending, receive or both with the



Being born on the wrong sides of the tracks in New Orleans, his parents were dirt poor, although he was able to pick off the younger kids to get what he wanted. There was many times that he walked through the streets and saw a small kid just walking along the streets as well, trying to get home. Being how he was, he would always manage to find where
the kid was going before he found out where they actually lived, he never understood it, although he was able to see a mental picture of where the kid was. He always thought it was just simply photographic memory since he was always all over the places, but he couldn't explain it that way to his parents, so he always kept silent about it. He would always steal the kids' money, but also he would beat him to a bloody pulp, just for amusement, or in his own mind, buisness.

When he was older, he began to feel major migranes, and because of it, he would always keep himself locked up in some sort of dark room, with the windows taped over to prevent any light from getting through. Although what light that did get through would allow him to see any items around him. Although once in a while his parents would enter the room and he would be able to sense the their thoughts. The darkness that clouded their minds always infected him as he still had almost no control over his powers.

Many times he would scream in the middle of the night, the pain of his mind being clouded by the darkness of those around him, seering him from the inside out. The pain always flowing into his mind as even when asleep, he could always feel the pain, the suffering, the darkness that flowed through the minds of others, continuing to infect him as he read the thoughts of the others around him as he slept..

These events continued each and every day, until he grew to be a teen, which was when he started his true training as a telepath. He could sense the thoughts of those around him, although he would almost always use it to his advantage. Most of the time it was simply by gambling on how long he could survive in a fight. He almost never won, but he was always able to stay away from enough hits to survive the fight and earn enough money. He never knew how he did it, but he could anticipate his opponents moves before he made them, alot of the time it worked, but although it failed him alot of the time as well.

His teen years were always about fights, always getting into the competition fights, the contests, and even for the most part, street fights for where anyone could find him. Always the showoff for the most part, as he could control his senses of his opponents actions, being able to sense what he was going to do next. Also with the fact that he was also almost always in some martial arts class, to train his body to become a better fighter as well.

Simply in the high school he would just get into a fight for the fun of it, and since he could read the minds of his opponents, he would easily dodge their moves and come in with a few blows of his own. Although once he graduated, he didn't have much of a place that he could go to, so he simply began to wander the city, trying to find a place that he could easily call his own.

When he was in his early twenties, he was always going to contests still, either survival cage matches, or some other type of contest where it involved fighting. He always had a blast at these fights, always earning money, although his powers always made them abit boring, as he sought another way to earn money and curve his appetite for violence..

Years would pass as he always spotted a fight or two in the electronic's shop although he could only wonder if there was a good way to make money about it, but it soon came up to him from a simple cartoon that a couple kids were watching where there was a underground fight ring....

It was ironic that he would come up with the underground fight arena from a cartoon, although the idea was good.... Soon he would begin construction on the underground fight arena..and of course become the one who made the money....

Although years would pass as his buisness did not go as planned. The buisness was burned to the ground as the Master of the city had nearly destroyed New Orleans. Taking his leave with his lovely woman Nova, they made their way to a place that was close to her homeland. Although he still has much of his attitude when it comes to his buisness. His attitude towards others when it comes to something else is just fine. He lives near the edge of the city within his mansion, although his underground ring is within his mansion as well...
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-puts ♥ stamp on-

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PostSubject: Re: Raziel Hale - Telepath Master   Raziel Hale - Telepath Master EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 8:55 am

*paw print* *plots*
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Raziel Hale - Telepath Master
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